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littlegina's Journal

9 December

name: Gina
d.o.b.: twelve/nine/eigty-two
age: twenty
occupation: retail
location: New York ... AZ soon
Y stats: Aaron [a_train1] Y
outside: natural long straight dirty blonde hair. blue/grayish eyes. 4'9". 95lbs.
inside: total sweet<3 until you do me or someone I love wrong. sarcastic. always laughing. shy at first. I never shut up when i'm comfortable. dork. funny. and more.
other shit: I love kids with passion. mac 'n' cheese addict. Mickey D's addict. anxiety/panic attacks. music is my life. Crista & Lindsey will always be my girls no matter what - 15years and counting Y Y . drug free. clubbing is my high. I get along better w/guys than most girls. former high school drop-out. I have love for everyone. I have 4 cats. I'm scared of the dark. lady bugs almost scare me more than death. and more.

You can try, but you'll never fully understand me.